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Use the internet safely.

If you need to find out how then make sure you check out the E-Safety course.

02/03/2010 19:35

External Links

All content added to the learning platform is fully checked before being made available to the children. The school is not responsible for any site that is externally linked to from any of this content.

If you do find anything inappropriate please contact us and tell us where you found the problem and we will remove that content.

25/11/2009 19:34

Site Compatibility

For best compatibility with the content on our learning platform it is advised to install all of the 4 recommended downloads below. The site works best with either Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Downloads (Recommended):
Flash Plugin

Shockwave Plugin

Smartboard Viewer

OpenOffice (If you do not have MS Office)

Downloads: (Optional)
Internet Explorer


04/09/2009 19:30

Learning Platform

Welcome to Stowford Primary School Learning Platform, we hope that you and your child enjoy using the site.  
If you have any suggestions or problems with this site please contact Miss Saunders either by phoning the school or by email

02/09/2009 19:20

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